Mechatronic Cartesian X-Y-Z Robot Gantry Sampler

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2013 (EN)
Mechatronic Cartesian X-Y-Z Robot Gantry Sampler

Ταραλίδης, Διονύσιος

A robot is nowadays seen as a part of a larger field which is defined as the synergistic integration of mechanics, electronics controls and computer science. So the main objective of this Project is a theoretical approach on the design of the ultimate Mechatronic System . The design of a robot. The designed system is meant to do a specific job. Automated sampling. Sampling of materials is a necessary tool for the quality. The quality of the material that the designed mechanism is going to check, is bulk material. For better illustration of the robot, variations of the system parameters are included. In this sense this project presents a comprehensive survey and analysis of the main existing subsystems which complete the whole system and appoint it as a mechatronic robot. Practical considerations, such as the control action power, and the maximum acceleration and velocity, are taken into account. In addition actuation system is meticulously studied and has been connected via software tools, into to the brain of the system, the PC. So the entire system is PC Based Control and the reason is that Personal Computers are very appealing because of their high-speed processing, low cost and great popularity. The control of the mechatronic system requires reading data from all the sensors, visual sensors for the recognition of vehicles for example with appropriate software to operate, calculating control, signals based on the sensor data. In addition there is a Data Base in the system which gives information about the dimensions of the recognised and located truck in the working area. After that, all these control signals are sent to the corresponding actuators which behave in a manner that is dictated from specific PI and Fuzzy controllers via programmed algorithms. Finally the necessary software package for the operation of the system, was not developed, but there is a method proposed to perform control, using four different but specific software tools in determined PC demands and programming environment.



Τεχνολογικό Εκπαιδευτικό Ίδρυμα (ΤΕΙ) Δυτικής Μακεδονίας (EL)
TEI of West Macedonia (EN)



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