Open Access in the Humanities: a case study of developing three open-access electronic journals in Greece

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2009 (EL)

Open Access in the Humanities: a case study of developing three open-access electronic journals in Greece

Hedlund, Turid
European Union - European Re-gional Development Fund
Hellenic State
Paraskevopoulou, Aggeliki
Roma: Nuova cultura, 2009
Mornati, Susanna
Σαχίνη, Εύη (EL)
Χούσος, Νικόλαος (EL)
Τσουκαλά, Βικτωρία (EL)
Πάσχου, Χριστίνα-Ελένη (EL)
Σταθοπούλου, Ιωάννα-Ουρανία (EL)
Houssos, Nikolaos (EN)
Sachini, Evi (EN)
Tsoukala, Viktoria (EN)
Paschou, Christina-Eleni (EN)
Stathopoulou, Ioanna-Ourania (EN)

Milano, Italy (EL)
The international movement for open access to scientific content along with advances in information and communication technologies and the Internet are bringing about revolutionary developments in scholarly publishing and communication: the availability of e-infrastructures supporting the management and exchange of the research output in digital format leads to the transformation of existing processes. It allows new ways of collaboration among researchers and facilitates the widespread dissemination of research results. Pioneering applications related to these trends have first appeared in scientific fields that inherently have a closer relationship with technology like natural sciences, engineering and medicine. However, significant relevant activities in the Humanities are also beginning to emerge worldwide. The present contribution concerns a case study of open access publishing in the Humanities, in particular a project that created freely accessible electronic versions of three pre-existing print-only journals of this subject area published in Greece but with international participation and perspectives. The paper provides Greek context in scholarly communication with an emphasis on the Humanities; it elaborates on the goals of the project and the challenges that were encountered and addressed during its implementation. One of the main reported successes of the project was the increased awareness among Greek researchers in Humanities of the capabilities and potentials of modern scholarly communication systems and the creation of a demand originating from the corresponding research community itself for the continuation and expansion of similar activities in the future. (EN)

Κεφάλαιο σε πρακτικά συνεδρίου (EL)
Conference proceeding chapter (EN)

Πληροφοριακά συστήματα (EL)
Ανθρωπιστικές επιστήμες, γενικά (EL)
Humanities, general (EN)
Open Journal Systems (OJS) (EN)
Information Systems (EN)
Electronic journals (EN)
Scientific content (EN)
Open access (EN)

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13th International Conference on Electronic Publishing, Università degli Studi, V.Festa del Perdono 7, Milano, Italy, Rethinking electronic publishing: innovation in communication paradigms and technologies : proceedings of the 13. International conference on Electronic publishing, ELPUB 2009, 2009-06-10 - 2009-06-12

© 2009 E. Sachini, V. Tsoukala, N.C. Houssos, I.-O. Stathopoulou, C.-E. Paschou, A. Paraskevopoulou

*Η εύρυθμη και αδιάλειπτη λειτουργία των διαδικτυακών διευθύνσεων των συλλογών (ψηφιακό αρχείο, καρτέλα τεκμηρίου στο αποθετήριο) είναι αποκλειστική ευθύνη των αντίστοιχων Φορέων περιεχομένου.