Social Media Analytics in Entertainment Industry

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2017 (EL)
Social Media Analytics in Entertainment Industry (EN)

Granis, Charilaos (EN)

School of Science and Technology, MSc in Information & Communication Technology Systems (EL)
Pramatari, Katerina (EN)
Theotokis, A. (EN)
Fraidaki, Katerina (EN)

This dissertation was written as a part of the MSc in ICT Systems at the International Hellenic University. The goal of this dissertation was t o conduct a research in the entertainment sector based on actual data, obtained by different types of social media with the use of open source tools such as gephi and the use of analytics in network theory. Initially, the potential and the challenges of social media analytics are stated and then the way the Media & Entertainment industry uses insights from social data to- day. A general methodology of harnessing social data is described based on a generic workflow that the industry follows today. Afterwards, a research is being made for the available tools for data analytics, both open source and commercial. An overview of Gephi tool follows and finally a suggested methodology based on two case studies is proposed. The thesis ends with the possibilities for future devel-opment and the conclusions. (EN)


Διεθνές Πανεπιστήμιο της Ελλάδος (EL)
International Hellenic University (EN)



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