The usability of e-government (Citizen to Government) sites in Greece

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The usability of e-government (Citizen to Government) sites in Greece

Vasilikopoulou, Asimenia

This dissertation was written as part of the MSc in Strategic Product Design at the International Hellenic University. In the first part of the Dissertation there is a bibliographical study of e - Government services in Europe. A more careful approach is conducted at e - Government services in Greece recording the current situation as well the goals set for the future. Furthermore, there is an analysis of usability in e-Government systems, its benefits and the challenges in applying User Centered Design in e - services of the Public Sector. A short research concerning the terms citizens use while searching for e - services in Greece i s recorded, with the help of Google Trends. After that, a more analytical approach to User Research is recorded. Issues such as types of User Research, with benefits and challenges are being examined. In the second part of the Dissertation a protocol for the User Research that will be conducted is presented. After that, there is an extensive presentation of the User Research results. In the end, conclusions are recorded with potential suggestion to alter current situation towards the best.


Internet in public administration--Evaluation
Government Web sites--Greece
Internet in public administration--Greece
Service design
Electronic government information--Greece
e - Government
User Research
Government Web portals--Greece
Usability testing
Public administration--Information technology--Greece
Communication in public administration--Technological innovations

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