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1995 (EN)
Ablation of nylon-6,6 with UV and IR lasers (EN)

Serafetinides, AA (EN)
Skordoulis, CD (EN)
Makropoulou, M (EN)

N/A (EN)

In this paper we study the basic phenomenology of nylon-6,6 ablation with XeCl, CO2 and Nd:YAG lasers and quantify on its parameters. The material degradation temperature calculated for pulsed laser heating predicts melting of the polymer surface observed by scanning electron microscopy. The results obtained assist in the elucidation of the polymer degradation mechanism at 308 nm which is important for the manufacturing of plastic optical components. © 1995 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved. (EN)


Pulsed laser applications (EN)
Scanning electron microscopy (EN)
Computational methods (EN)
Melting (EN)
Surfaces (EN)
Pulsed laser heating (EN)
Etching (EN)
Scanning Electron Microscopy (EN)
Laser ablation (EN)
Degradation (EN)
Solid state lasers (EN)
Thermal effects (EN)
Yag Laser (EN)
Nylon polymers (EN)
Carbon dioxide lasers (EN)

Εθνικό Μετσόβιο Πολυτεχνείο (EL)
National Technical University of Athens (EN)

Applied Surface Science (EN)



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