Effects of fatty acid derivatives on the ignition quality and cold flow of diesel fuel

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Effects of fatty acid derivatives on the ignition quality and cold flow of diesel fuel (EN)

Stournas, S (EN)
Lois, E (EN)
Serdari, A (EN)

N/A (EN)

The biodiesel that is considered as a possible substitute or extender of conventional automotive diesel fuel is commonly composed of fatty acid methyl esters that are prepared from the glycerides in vegetable oils by transesterification with methanol. This form of biodiesel is compatible with diesel fuel but offers no improvement in its ignition quality. This work describes the results of a series of experiments aimed at assessing other common fatty acid derivatives that could provide the desired biofuel component and, at the same time, improve the performance of the fuel. It was found that tertiary fatty amines and amides are significantly more effective than methyl esters in enhancing the ignition quality of the finished diesel fuel without having any negative effect on its cold flow properties. Copyright © 1995 by AOCS Press. (EN)


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