The self-esteem of alien students in the 5th and 6th class of primary school and its influence on their school performance

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2011 (EL)
Η αυτοεκτίμηση των αλλοδαπών μαθητών της Ε΄ και Στ΄ τάξης του Δημοτικού Σχολείου και η επίδρασή της στη σχολική τους επίδοση: εμπειρική έρευνα
The self-esteem of alien students in the 5th and 6th class of primary school and its influence on their school performance

Τσίγκα-Νάσαινα, Ελένη

The doctoral thesis conducts a research on the relation between the self-esteem of foreign students attending the fifth (5th) and sixth (6th) grades of public primary school in Greece and their school performance. The thesis is constituted by two parts: the theoretical part and the inquiring part.In the first part, the theoretical one, the thesis includes:The First Chapter, entitled “Introduction”, where reference is made to the problem of research, the conceptual approaches as well as the difficulties. Then, follow the conceptual clarifications on the meaning of the term, content, structure and the functions of “self” and its components are looked into (self-esteem, self-perception, self-image) taking into account the models of Coop-ersmith, Rosenberg, Shavelson and Harter. The Second Chapter is entitled, “Retrospection of Bibliography”. In this chapter, reference is made to the research and studies on the relation between the self-esteem and school performance of foreign students (which is mainly the subject of the thesis), via the existing greek and international bibliography.In particular, it is presented a review of the theoretical approaches related to the meaning of the term “self-esteem” and its relation with the human behaviour. Then, reference is made to the contribution of self-esteem to the school success via the learning/teaching stimuli and the role played by the school and the teachers towards creating positive internal stimuli, so as foreign students reach a good/satisfactory school performance. Last, relative surveys are quoted which prove/substantiate the relation between self- esteem and school performance, as well as surveys on the profile, the problems towards a smooth integration, adjustment, and performance of foreign students at the Greek school. In the second part, the inquiring one, the thesis includes:The Third Chapter, in which the research is presented and the election of the subject is justified, the ground of its questioning and the problem are put forward, as well as the expectations from the study.Then follow the assumptions of the research, the sample and its method of selection are described and it is justified the reason why the particular region was selected for the specific research.The Forth Chapter, in which data deriving from the statistical analysis and treatment of the research are presented.The Fifth Chapter, in which there are found explanations and commen-tary on the findings of the research and finally. The Sixth Chapter, in which conclusions are exported, relied on the find-ings of the research. Moreover, proposals are made towards the improvement of the foreign students performance at the greek school as well as proposals for further research.The doctoral thesis is completed with Greek, foreign and translated bibli-ography as well as with the appendix, which includes the questionnaire, the sta-tistical research tables, the relative with the education of foreign students legis-lation and its summary in English.

Σχολική επίδοση
Primary education
Πρωτοβάθμια εκπαίδευση
Intercultural education
Διαπολιτισμική εκπαίδευση
Αλλοδαποί μαθητές
Alien students
School performance

Εθνικό Κέντρο Τεκμηρίωσης (ΕΚΤ) (EL)
National Documentation Centre (EKT) (EN)

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Πανεπιστήμιο Ιωαννίνων
University of Ioannina

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