Creation of a new business in the sphere of public services

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2012 (EL)
Creation of a new business in the sphere of public services

Παπαχρίστου, Αικατερίνη Σ.

The problem of management of solid waste and particularly waste which are characterized as dangerous, has been accentuated the last years in Greece. Hospital waste is included in that category, for which there is a great interest not only in Greece, but also in most other countries. This has to do with the fact that such type of waste consists of pathogenic micro-organisms. The result of their inappropriate disposal could cause many dangers, not only for the environment, but also for public health. Consequently, specific measures should be taken, in order to eliminate these consequences. According to the requirements of Sustainable Management, the produced quantity of waste should be minimized: Re-use and recycling, reduction of the cost of management, as well as the disposal of final remains with an environmentally acceptable way, must also be considered. The lack of an integrated administrative plan is the most important issue in Greece. Until recently there was no specific law that would determine the management of healthcare waste. Nevertheless, the management of hospital waste remains insufficient, and most of the hospitals lack of an internal regulation, that would determine the processes of management. The present work is part of the postgraduate thesis study of the MBA in Technological Faculty in Kastoria. The object of the study is " The creation of a public company" and specifically " The creation of a public company that would have the management of hazardous medical waste of the wider area of Thessaloniki". The thesis goal is to create a business plan for the creation of the public corporation. Firstly, it would be referred in the Greek reality on the waste field and then will follow a summary on the applicable law. Finally, it will be presented the business plan and the final conclusions of the thesis. The main purpose of the dissertation is to prove that the problem is significant enough to warrant investigation. At first, the introduction, briefly, presents the main problem that Greece face in the field of medical waste management. Secondly, a theoretical synopsis shows the importance of public goods and services, including a part that is referred in the phenomenon of globalization and the international organizations that have set some rules in the global management of waste. A legislation analysis follows that part, analyzing briefly the last voted laws that apply in Greek Region. The quantities of medical waste are presented in the next chapter, and generally the situation that is appeared in Greece the last decade. In the same chapter, some data are recorded to present the big cost difference between waste management solutions. The main part of this project is the business plan of the enterprise’s creation for the hazardous medical waste management in Thessaloniki’s Region. After data analysis, results show that the existence of one central incineration is the most economical solution. Nevertheless the cost of treatment of hospital waste remains high. This is owed to the enormous cost of pollution prevention techniques, in order to eliminate the harmful gases after the cremation.


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Τεχνολογικό Εκπαιδευτικό Ίδρυμα (ΤΕΙ) Δυτικής Μακεδονίας (EL)
TEI of West Macedonia (EN)



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