Covid-19 has brought back the necessity of the welfare state: The Greek case

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2020 (EL)

Covid-19 has brought back the necessity of the welfare state: The Greek case (EL)

Tzagkarakis, Stylianos-Ioannis
Pappas, Ilias
Kritas, Dimitrios

In Europe, despite systemic, functional and structural differences, the welfare state has been a key component of the state after World War II. In recent decades, the former has been accused for inflating government spending and turning people into passive recipients of benefits and services. For this reason, and for several more, such as globalization, the transforming nature of employment and the changing family patterns, the welfare state has undergone the necessary reforms in order to combine the effectiveness and efficiency of its services and benefits. The outbreak of 2009 economic crisis has created tremendous problems to the welfare state, especially in the hardest hit countries, such as Greece. Although these structural problems and inefficiencies existed, the Greek state in general and the National Health System (NHS) in particular have handled the coronavirus successfully, making the country an example for the others but also stressing the necessity to consolidate the welfare state and specifically the NHS. This paper aims to analyze the way the Greek state handled the coronavirus crisis while underlie the importance of the welfare state especially in times of crisis and the challenges that coronavirus has created. (EL)

Peer-reviewed Article (EN)

Intensive Care Units (EL)
ICU beds (EL)
World Health Organization (EL)
human rights (EL)
coronavirus (EL)
social cohesion (EL)
pandemic (EL)
Greece (EL)
social policy (EL)
welfare state (EL)
policy making (EL)
National Health System (EL)
public health system (EL)
health economic crisis (EL)
publc policy (EL)

HAPSc Policy Briefs Series

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Hellenic Association of Political Scientists (HAPSc) (EN)

HAPSc Policy Briefs Series; Τόμ. 1 Αρ. 1 (2020): HAPSc Policy Briefs Series; 67-73 (EL)
HAPSc Policy Briefs Series; Vol. 1 No. 1 (2020): HAPSc Policy Briefs Series; 67-73 (EN)

Copyright (c) 2020 Stylianos-Ioannis Tzagkarakis, Ilias Pappas, Dimitrios Kritas (EN)

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