The exact shear modulus of particulates based on the concept of mesophase

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The exact shear modulus of particulates based on the concept of mesophase (EN)

Theocaris, PS (EN)

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An accurate relationship for the shear modulus of particulates is derived based on the Kerner model, but not using its approximate relations. Furthermore, the model takes into account the existence of the mesophase layer between the inclusions and the matrix, which acts as a smooth transition boundary layer between constituent materials. By applying Christensen's field to the Kerner model, modified by introducing the mesophase, the new model is liberated from any inconsistencies. Experimental evidence and application to a glass particle-epoxy resin-matrix composite indicated the superiority of the model over previous ones. © 1990 Steinkopff. (EN)


Composite Materials (EN)
Kerner model (EN)
Christensen field (EN)
Particulate composites (EN)
Glass (EN)
Kerner Model (EN)
Stresses--Shear (EN)
mesophase (EN)
Shear Modulus (EN)
Representative Volume Element (EN)
Glass Particle-Epoxy Resin-Matrix Composite (EN)
Christensen's Field (EN)
Calorimetry (EN)
Mesophase (EN)

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