The coral fauna from the oligocene of Malta: Biodiversity and paleoenvironment

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2021 (EL)

The coral fauna from the oligocene of Malta: Biodiversity and paleoenvironment

Saint Martin, Jean-Paul Chaix, Christian Cahuzac, Bruno and Moissette, Pierre Andre, Jean-Pierre

The study of the coral biodiversity of the Upper Oligocene sedimentary series (Lower Coralline Limes-tone, Chattian) of Malta permitted the identification of 25 scleractinian genera represented by 41 species. Three new species are proposed: Miophora naxxarensis n. sp., Nerthastraea maltensis n. sp. and Gyrosmilia maltensis n. sp. Observations made in various Oligocene sites in Malta, especially around Naxxar and Tal Bajjada, allow to establish a suite of coral associations which may vary spatially and vertically. The identified scleractinian associations can be represented by different types of coral assemblages and bio-constructions: isolated colonies, coral beds of varying density but of large spatial extent, more cohesive coral banks (coral carpets) or patch reefs forming morphologies with gentle lateral slopes. The colonial morphologies are closely linked to these different types of bioconstructions. These coral constructions have been established and developed in shallow marine areas. The coral biodiversity of the Oligocene of Malta fits well in the evolution of the Cenozoic reef phenomenon whose development reached its peak in the Oligocene with great coral richness in the Chattian in the Mediterranean area. (c) 2021 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved. (EN)

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